Major Scope Of Works

The Ministry of Defense plays a coordinating and coordinating role between the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) and the management of the Nepal Army, as well as fulfilling the responsibility of making the relationship between civilians and the Army effective. It has been the responsibility of this Ministry to formulate the policies and strategies related to the security and defense of the nation and to effectively operate, manage, monitor, control and direct the Nepal Army in the interest of the country and the people.

The Government of Nepal 9th ​​Division of Labor Rules, 2074 BS has assigned to the Ministry of Defense the responsibilities of national security policy, law, norms, plan implementation and regulation and policy aspects, management, coordination and facilitation of all issues related to the Nepal Army, including international border security coordination.

In addition, the Ministry is responsible for the effective implementation of the decisions made by the government in addition to proposing policy decisions on the legal, administrative, financial and provisional management aspects of the current military, inter-ministerial coordination and facilitation, and decisions by the Council of Ministers on the military. Bears

As per the Government of Nepal (Division of Labor) Rules, 2074, the scope of work of the Ministry of Defense is as follows.

1. National security policies, laws, standards, plans, implementation and regulation

2. Collection, analysis, communication system and network installation, operation and management related to national and strategic security

3. National Security Council and security sector reform

4. Coordination of international border security

5. Collection, analysis and use of border related information

6. Policies, strategies, laws, standards, planning, implementation, control and regulation related to the formation and operation of the Nepal Army

7. Military barracks and office management

8. Discipline of military officers and men, conditions of service, military training and facilities

9. Military installations and communications and transportation

10. Production and use of arms, ammunition and explosives and related items, related policies, laws, standards, implementation, control and sealing

11. Military depot

12. Procurement and production of military weapons and equipment

13. Nepal Military Airlines

14. Military Intelligence Department

15. Military building

16. Policy, implementation and coordination of mine clearance

17. Organization, training and administration of national service personne

18. Assistance in development work and disaster relief work

19. Military Hospital, Military Welfare and Military Welfare Scheme

20. Protection of national parks, wildlife reserves and important national heritage and monuments

21. Assistance in promoting international peace

22. Treaties, agreements, conventions, liaison and coordination with national and international organizations related to the Ministry